Geert Knol
Geert Knol
Matte Painting / Environment Artist
Manitoba, Canada


-Digital Matte Painter

-Canadian Armed Forces Veteran

- Graduate Vancouver Animation School (VANAS) Digital Matte Painting (DMP) diploma course


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Software proficiency



  • 3D DMP/Environment Artist Student at Moving Picture Company
    Montreal, Canada
    March 2021 - May 2021

    Completed The Focus Academy 3DDMP Course. Where I learned Plate Cleanup, Nuke Projections, and 3D Layout.

  • Student at Vancouver Animation School (VANAS)
    Vancouver, Canada
    July 2017 - July 2018

    - Completed Digital Matte Painting Diploma Course with 86% GPA

    The course consisted of:

    2D Foundations

    - 2d drawing/digital painting. (Photoshop)

    - the basic principles and techniques required to produce the preliminary sketches.

    - how to create images that are realistic, including the assessment of perspective quality and how to apply classical painting techniques to the digital painting medium.

    3D Software Foundations

    - learning the software and tools required to produce professional quality Digital Matte Paintings. (Maya, Nuke)

    - how to create realistic environments to produce digital matte painting set extensions and how to apply classical painting techniques.

    Advanced 2.5D Matte Painting

    - I learned advanced workflow techniques required in a visual effects studio and its Digital Matte Painting department.

    - how to digitally manipulate images of existing interior and exterior locations.

    - how to judge image manipulation and painting quality by applying key workflow concepts from classical painting.

  • Communications Research Operator at Canadian Armed Forces
    Kingston, Canada
    January 2008 - November 2016

    During my time in the Military I learned how to work in and lead small groups to efficiently accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

    Communicator Research Operators intercept and analyze electronic transmissions, including foreign communications. They also protect Government of Canada computer networks.

    A Communications Research Operator has the following responsibilities:

    Collect, process, analyze and report on electromagnetic activity on radio frequency, using highly sophisticated equipment

    Manage and protect computer networks

    Ensure information technology is secure

    Use and maintain classified publications